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Keyboard Controls:         Arrow Keys — Move          X — Fire

Unexplored planet - Something goes wrong - Alien entities

Development log


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Loved the Art Style, nice Game :D

Nebo contains a little easter egg, capture screen and let me know ;)

Great game, the only complaint is it's hard to persuade the character to go up in tunnels (he bumps the wall and moves nowhere). Enjoyed the twists in the second half!

If you hold up as you approach the corner you will turn upwards

Well, I expected him to go upwards in any case, like this

I will try to improve movements in future games, anyway... Thanks for playing and feedbacks.

Awesome. Small game, BIG MOOD.

I really enjoyed this! Lots of good visual storytelling and I loved the movement.

Wow! Love the aesthetic.

Thanks, a dip into faux-low-poly. Cargo cult cover art is cool too.

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Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing more from you, I've never seen anything quite like NEBO.